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Custom Filters Guideline

We specialize in designing and manufacturing high-quality TV / DVB / CATV / MoCA / HomePNA /
DOCSIS / VSAT / SMATV / MMDS filters, diplexers and other RF accessories.

We offer a complete range of filters, such as Trap, Tier Trap, High Pass, Low Pass, Band Pass,
Band Reject, Window, Double Band, Triple Band, mini size series as well as diplexers for DOCSIS,
MoCA, CATV, Satellite-IF,...etc. applications.

Soontai provides customized services to design for your special requirement.
We welcome your inquires to develop custom filters / products that meet your requirement.

For example : Custom CATV Filters

STEP 1.   Read Me - Filter Profile

STEP 2.   Please click on the filter curve below for specification guidelines.

Trap Tier Trap Band Reject Low Pass High Pass Band Pass Window Double

STEP 3.    Select Housing type, Connector, Waterproof,...etc. Please refere to our Filter Products

STEP 4.    Contact Us - mail your filter's specification to us.

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