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  Custom Window Filter

  1. Specify the Left Pass Band, from 5MHz to Mark 2, and Right Pass Band Frequencies, from Mark 5 to Mark 6,
      according to your requirement.    [example:] Pass Band: 5-42MHz / 550-620MHz

  2. Select the 1st Reject Band, from Mark 3 to Mark 4, and 2nd Reject Band Frequencies, from Mark 7 to 1000MHz.
      [example:] Reject Band: 55-500MHz / 670-1000MHz

  3. Specify the Minimum Reject Band Attenutation at Mark 3, Mark 4 and Mark 7.    [example:] Rejection: 45dB(min)

  4. If needed, you may also select the Maximum Pass Band Insertion Loss at Mark 2, Mark 5 and Mark 6.
      [example:] Insertion Loss: 3.5dB(max)

  If you have any question, please feel free to Contact Us.

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