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Our products can be divided into 5 categories - CATV, Satellite, DOSIS, MoCA and HP RF, as explained below.
To find the products, you can click on an item in "by Application", "by Function" or use the search function.
If you cannot find a specific product on this website, we would still like to hear from you, welcome to contact us.


RF Components

In this High Performance RF components product line, including calribation kits, cable assemblies, adapters, connectors, attenuators, manual step attenuators, terminators, impedance converters, power inserters, switches, torque wrenches, etc.
For 5G, mmWave, Sub-6 GHz, WiFi-6, Bluetooth, ADS-B, GPS, CATV, TV, Satellite-TV,...etc applications.

CATV      Satellite
Including various filters, diplexers, isolators, surge protectors, attenuators, band attenuators, equalizers, band equalizers, power inserter,...etc commonly used in CATV, TV, Satellite-TV systems.
Hot ! - Filters, Isolators
RF Adapters, Connectors

Cable Assemblies

DOCSIS Products

Including various diplexers, attenuators,...etc commonly used in DOCSIS systems.
Now, DOCSIS 4.0 available!
  MoCA Prpducts

Including various module diplexers, triplexers, POE filters,... and CTP accessories commonly used in MoCA systems.
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