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N Torque Wrenches


* Excellent Mechanical Structure

* Exquisite Processing of Parts

* High Quality

* Precision

* Durable

* Patented
N 19mm Toqure Wrench

The TW-1900 series is colorful high quality hex size 19mm torque wrench with accurate force designed allow use for assembling and disassembling 50/75 ohm N-type connectors.

The hexagonal head is made of stainless steel for long-term wear resistance. The handle is made of aluminum alloy for light weight.

All parts of the mechanism are meticulously treated, have a good feel and avoid scratching the connector.

The TW-1900 series is compatible to HP/Agilent/Keysight 19mm torque wrench, 12 in-lbs, PN 8710-1766.

* What kind of torque wrenches and open-ended wrenches does recommend for use.  

Model Hex Size Torque Handle Color Circlet Color
TW-19001201 19mm 12 in-lbs [1.35 N.m] Deep Blue Light Blue
TW-19001202 19mm 12 in-lbs [1.35 N.m] Black Orange
TW-19001203 19mm 12 in-lbs [1.35 N.m] Golden Black
TW-19001204 19mm 12 in-lbs [1.35 N.m] Red Golden
TW-19001205 19mm 12 in-lbs [1.35 N.m] Light Blue Deep Blue
TW-19001206 19mm 12 in-lbs [1.35 N.m] Orange Black
* More than 6 kind of color combination can be customization. Please refer to 5/16" torque wrenches.
  General Specifications
  Item TW-19001204
  Suitable for 50/75 ohm N-type connectors
  Torque Type Preset Torque
  Click Type Break-Over
  Hex Size 19mm
  Torque Setting 12 in-lbs [1.35 N.m]
  Wrench Head Material Steel
  Handle Material Anodized Aluminum
  Handle Color Red
  Circlet Color Golden
  Dimensions 15.5(¢) x 166(L) mm
  Net Weight (approx.) 93.2 g
 * Specifications may be change depending on the model or customer's requirement.


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