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   Registered to ISO 9001
   Certificate TW12/11128


  DOCSIS, MoCA Diplexers 
 DOCSIS Diplexers
 MX13, MX27,... series

 DIP / SMT Diplexers, Filters and more...
 DOCSIS Diplexers, Filters
MoCA Diplexers, Triplexers
MX10, MX11, MX12,... series
 System Diplexers, POE Filters, CTP Test Accessories,...
 MoCA Accessories
  Satellite-IF Diplexers 
 Satellite-IF / TV Diplexer
 High Rejection
 DPX1 series

 Satellite-IF / TV Diplexer
 Mini Size
 DPX2 series

 Satellite-IF / TV Diplexer

 DPX3 series
 Satellite-IF / IF Diplexer
 High Rejection
 DPX1 series

 Satellite-IF / IF Diplexer
 Mini Size
 DPX2 series

  TV/CATV Diplexers 
 DPX1 Diplexer series

 TV / FM series
 UHF / VHF series
 Cable Network series
 Digital Diplexer

 DS1 series
 DS2 series
 DS3 series
 Outdoor Diplexer
 DPX11 series
 HomePNA Diplexer

 HomePNA Diplexer


  50 Ohm Diplexers 
 DPX21 Diplexer series

 VHF / UHF series
 DPX20 Diplexer series

 Sub-6, WiFi-6 series
 DPX19 Diplexer series

 Low PIM series
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