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PG-SK5001A Bundle Package


Most cost-efficient 5G sub-6 GHz calibration bundle package!


With the PG-SK5001A, you can test 5G sub-6 GHz products (passive products) immediately.

The PG-SK5001A bundle package includes 1-set SK-5001 standard kit (general purpose calibration kit), 2-pcs 50 ohm N-male to SMA-male cable assemblies, 3-pcs SMA-type through adapters and 2-pcs SMA-male terminators, that makes it easy for you to measure 2- or 3-ports' 50 ohm passive products by use a 50 ohm network analyzer.

If you want to test active devices such as amplifiers, we also offer the PG-SK5001B bundle package to support your active and passive products testing.

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50 Ohm PG-SK5001A Bundle Package
Items Description Model Q'ty
 Test Cable    8 GHz N-male to SMA-male (60cm)  CC-5081506001-NM/SMAM 2
 Standard Kit    8 GHz 3.5mm-type Standard Kit  SK-5001 1
 SMA-m Adapter  18 GHz SMA-male Adapter  CN-182424xx 1
 SMA-f Adapter  18 GHz SMA-female Adapter  CN-182525xx 1
 SMA-m/f Adapter  18 GHz SMA-male to SMA-female Adapter  CN-182524xx 1
 Terminator  18 GHz SMA-male Terminator  TL11-18102 2


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