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AT3-2 series
2.5 GHz Attenuator


* Up to 2.5 GHz

* Excellent Return Loss

* Very Flat Attenuation Curve

* One-piece Copper Housing

* Robust Mechanical Structure

* High RFI Shielding

* Precision Connector Thread

* Exquisite Plating Quality

* Good Weather Resistance

* Waterproof

* Suitable for TV, CATV, MoCA, DOCSIS systems
75 Ohm 2.5 GHz Attenuators

The AT3-2xxW series is a compact size broadband attenuator.

Its superior specifications enable it to meet the needs of all attenuation or impedance matching applications in the TV, CATV, DOCSIS, MoCA,...etc frequency range.

The specifications: from 1 MHz to 2500 MHz at 100 mW average, 200 mW peak, excellent return loss(>20 dB at 1000 MHz) and good accuracy.

A list of commonly used models is as follows. If there are other attenuation value requests, please contact us, we can also design.

Model Attenuation Model Attenuation
AT3 - 203W   3dB AT3 - 205W 5dB
AT3 - 206W   6dB AT3 - 210W 10dB
AT3 - 209W   9dB AT3 - 215W 15dB
AT3 - 212W 12dB    
  Electrical Curve ( AT3-205W / AT3-210W )

Insertion Loss  |  Return Loss
SPAN 2500MHz
Fig 1

Insertion Loss  |  Return Loss
SPAN 2500MHz
Fig 2
  General Specifications
  Item AT3 - 205W AT3 - 210W
  Power Passing Disallow Disallow
  Waterproof Yes
  Impedance 75 ohm
  Frequency Range 1 - 2500 MHz
  Insertion Loss 5 dB(typ) 10 dB(typ)
  Flatness +/-0.4 dB @ 1 GHz(max)
  Return Loss 20 dB(typ) / 12 dB(min)
  Power 100 mW(average)
  Dimensions 12.5(¢) x 30 mm
  Net Weight 12 g
 * Specifications may be change depending on the model or customer's requirement.


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