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    Registered to ISO 9001
    Certificate TW12/11128



75 Ohm 3 GHz
Cable Assemblies


* High Quality Cable

* Widebnad, up to 3 GHz

* Excellent Return Loss

* Very Low Insertion Loss

* High Quality Precision Connector

* Meet ANSI/SCTE 99 2009 Pull Force

* Meet ANSI/SCTE 98 2009 Tightening Torque


  CC03-7 brochure


The CC03-7 is a high performance test cable series with type-N male to type-N male, type-F male or type-F female connectors.

This cable assembly series boasts excellent electrical characteristics like low insertion loss and excellent retrun loss up to 3 GHz as well as outstanding mechanical durability.

They are specially designed for laboratory measurement requirements and applications in 75 ohm communication systems.

These cable assemblies are typically 60 cm, 90 cm, 120 cm, and 150 cm in length, and other custom lengths are also welcome.

Please specify the cable length when ordering.

Model Length (cm) Connector 1 Connector 2
CC03-76M76M01-0S02-600 60 N-male N-male
CC03-76M75M01-0S02-600 60 N-male F-male
CC03-76M75F01-0S02-600 60 N-male F-female
CC03-75M75M01-0S02-600 60 F-male F-male
  General Specifications
  Item CC03-76M75F01-0S02-600
  Connector N male to F female
  Impedance 75 ohm
  Frequency Range 0.3 - 3000MHz
  Insertion Loss (0.3 - 3000MHz) 0.5dB (max)
  Return Loss (0.3 - 1000MHz) 35dB (typ) / 25dB (min)
  Return Loss (1001 - 2000MHz) 30dB (typ) / 25dB (min)
  Return Loss (2001 - 3000MHz) 28dB (typ) / 23dB (min)
  Pull Force Withstanding ANSI/SCTE 99 2009  40 lbs. (min)
  Tightening Torque Withstanding ANSI/SCTE 98 2009  60 in./lbs. (min)
  Length 60 cm
  Net Weight 140 g
   * Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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