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What is DiSEqC and mini DiSEqC ?

DiSEqC is a control protocol for receiving digital and analog satellites TV in the European satellite receining system.
DiSEqC was created by EUTELSAT and Philips company. It is a digital control mode, which uses a microcontroller (e.g. satellite receiver or IRD) to send a command via coaxial cable to select or control the received signal. (e.g. Hi/Lo band and Horizontal/Vertical of LNB, Satellite-B/Satellite-A, Polarization Skew, Positioner, ...etc.).
These commands contain more detailed data to control any DiSEqC device, so it is called full DiSEqC (command).
The mini DiSEqC (command) is a "simple tone burst", but unlike continued 22kHz tone burst, it is only used to select satellite-A/satellite-B and some 2x1 switeces to reduce the receiver's software size (That is, only mini DiSEqC function).
In analog receive systems you can use 0kHz/22kHz and 14/18V to select Lo/Hi band, Vertical/Horizontal, but if you want to switch between analog and digital satellites, there is no control signal to choose from. This is why you will need DiSEqC switch, DiSEqC accessory and use DiSEqC command (DiSEqC receivr) for operation.



1. DiSEqC is an OPEN STANDARD with additions controlled by industry agreement.
2. DiSEqC (Digital Satellite Equipment Control) is a trademark of EUTELSAT
3. EUTELSAT (European Telecommunication Satellite Organization)
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