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    Registered to ISO 9001
    Certificate TW12/11128



50 Ohm 18 GHz
N-female to 3.5mm-female Adapter


* Excellent Return Loss

* Low Insertion Loss

* Excellent Mechanical Structure

* High Precision

* High Stability

* Exquisite Plating Quality

* Good Weather Resistance
50 Ohm N-female to 3.5-female Adapter

The AD18-50F35F-0Q01 is a high performance 50 ohm N-female to 3.5mm-female adapter with gold-plated beryllium copper pin and passivated stainless steel housing designed, which can extend the service life.

High precision mechanical design makes it have extremely low insertion loss and excellent return loss up to 18 GHz. This makes it an ideal choice for meeting laboratory measurement requirements or advanced communication equipment.


  General Specifications
  Item AD18-50F35F-0Q01
  Connector N-female to 3.5mm-female
  Impedance 50 Ohm
  Frequency Range 9 kHz - 18 GHz
  Return Loss (9 kHz - 18 GHz) 20dB (min)
  Contact Pin Gold-plated Beryllium Copper
  Body Passivated Stainless Steel
  Dimensions 26.3(¢) x 36.0(L) mm
  Net Weight 24.3 g
 * Specifications may be change depending on the model or customer's requirement.


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