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50 Ohm
TNC Adapters


* Excellent Return Loss

* Low Insertion Loss

* Excellent Mechanical Structure

* High Precision

* High Stability

* Passivated Stainless Steel

* Exquisite Plating Quality

* Good Weather Resistance
50 Ohm TNC Adapters

AD18-17 and AD11-17 are high performance TNC-type adapter series with gold-plated beryllium copper pin and passivated stainless steel housing designed.

Since the AD18-17 and AD11-17 series are designed with gold-plated beryllium copper pin and passivated stainless steel, they can provide a longer service life and are therefore very suitable for occasions that require frequent connection and unconnection.

In addition, it has a precision mechanical design, so it has extremely low insertion loss and excellent return loss up to 18/11 GHz. This makes it ideal for laboratory measurement requirements or advanced communication equipment.

They are also very suitable for production line testing or general signal connections.


Model Bandwidth Connector Type
AD18-17M17M-0Q01 18 GHz TNC-male
AD18-17F17F-0Q01 18 GHz TNC-female
AD18-17M17F-0Q01 18 GHz TNC-male to TNC-female
AD11-17M17M-0Q01 11 GHz TNC-male
AD18-17F17F-0Q01 11 GHz TNC-female
AD11-17M17F-0Q01 11 GHz TNC-male to TNC-female
  General Specifications
 Item AD11-17M17M-0QO1 AD11-17F17F-0Q01 AD11-17M17F-0Q01
 Impedance 50 Ohm 50 Ohm 50 Ohm
 Frequency Range 9 kHz - 11 GHz 9 kHz - 11 GHz 9 kHz - 11 GHz
 Return Loss 20dB (min) 20dB (min) 20dB (min)
 Connector Type TNC-male to TNC-male TNC-female to
TNCN-male to
 Housing Material Passivated Stainless Steel
 Center Pin Material Gold-plated Beryllium Copper
 Dimensions 15.9(¢) x 47.7 mm 15.9(¢) x 43.7 mm 13.5(¢) x 39.7 mm
 Net Weight 37.7 g 19.4 g 28.4 g
 * Specifications may be change depending on the model or customer's requirement.


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